Framelines Magazine Issue 05 (with 2 Prints)

Includes 2 A4 Art Prints from Shane Taylor and Josh Edgoose

Photography magazine | 108 Pages | 290x270mm | Now Shipping Worldwide

Our fifth issue of Framelines magazine is here! This issue of Framelines is packed with photographers we've long admired as well as submissions from the Framelines Community.

Who's in Issue 5:

  • Baldwin Lee, Janet Delaney, Oscar Diaz, John Simmons, Anya Broido, Chris Voss and Jonathan Bertin
  • Regular photoseries from Josh Edgoose and Shane Taylor
  • Featured photographs from the Framelines Community assignments.

Framelines magazine is an affordable way to experience the best in street and documentary photography in print.

What's in Issue 05

Special Edition with Prints