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Featuring Harold Feinstein, Niall McDiarmid, Holly Cato, Teresa Freitas, Jeremy Paige & more

This edition of issue 03 includes 2 art prints by Josh and Shane

Featuring Billy Dinh, Josh K Jack, Polly Rusyn, Stephen Leslie & more

Featuring Eric Kogan, Brunel Johnson, Ioanna Marinca & More

Framelines Magazine Issue 01 (with 2 Prints)

Includes 2 A4 Art Prints from Shane Taylor and Josh Edgoose

A quarterly photo magazine | 80 Pages | 290x270mm | Ships Worldwide

Framelines is a new quarterly street and documentary photography magazine by Shane Taylor and Josh Edgoose. Taking advantage of the unique qualities of the printed format, Framelines will showcase unseen photo series from Shane and Josh, along with featured photographers that they admire.

"We hope that Framelines will be an affordable way to experience new photography, in a more satisfying format than the small phone screen"

Issue 1 includes:
  • 'Car Boot' and 'The Tube' by Josh Edgoose
  • 'Duoro' & 'New York' by Shane Taylor
  • Featured photography and interviews with Nico Froehlich, Gisele Duprez, Eric Kogan, Brunel Johnson and Ioana Marinca 

Featured Photoseries