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Featuring Harold Feinstein, Niall McDiarmid, Holly Cato, Teresa Freitas, Jeremy Paige & more

This edition of issue 03 includes 2 art prints by Josh and Shane

Featuring Billy Dinh, Josh K Jack, Polly Rusyn, Stephen Leslie & more

Featuring Eric Kogan, Brunel Johnson, Ioanna Marinca & More

FAQ Topics


We ship worldwide, with the current temporary exception of Germany. We have experienced too many issues relating to customs charges and returns when shipping from UK to Germany and are figuring out a way to resolve that. In the mean-time the digital edition of issue 01 is available to all.

For more info check out our shipping policies page.

Not at the moment, but we're working on it.


Not at the moment.


Digital Editions

Issue 02 Digital Edition will be available when Issue 03 is released.

It's a 30mb .pdf file, designed to be read using the BOOKS app on ipad, or any book reader app. It can also be read on desktop or laptop computers by opening it in Google Chrome.