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July's Assignment: Weather

July | Street Assignment 16

We want to see a street photograph where the weather (and how the weather affects the scene) is an important element of the photograph.

Think about a colourful, sunny day on the beach or in the park, or using umbrellas to punctuate or frame an image on a rainy day, or even using falling snow to add texture and depth?

For more info and to submit an image, simply join our FRAMELINES Community and follow the instructions on the pinned post.

Submissions close31st July '24

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This month we wanted to see your best street photographs on the theme of public transport.

Capturing the mood of the city and its people in transit. Check out these excellent submissions from the Framelines Community.

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Have a question?

Simply join our framelines patreon community and follow the instructions in the latest street assignments post.

Street assignments run once a month. We launch them on the first of the month and submissions close at the end of the month.

Only members of the framelines community can enter

All submissions are featured in a gallery on our website at the end of the month. We shout out our favourites on social media and youtube. 10 of our favourite street assignment submissions are then included in our print & digital magazine.

We think great street photography can be found anywhere, and sometimes brilliant photos can be easily overlooked thanks to social media algorithms. So we wanted to provide space for anyone to submit a photo and get seen. Already, we've been very impressed with the quality of submissions and can't wait to see more.